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12 Axes Spring Coiling Machine (PX series)


  • 12 servo motors, industrial computer controlled insures reliable control.
  • Pretension control for high quality springs.
  • Graphic and easy to use software simplifies programming.
  • A micro pulse hand wheel is used for easy setup and programming.
  • Standard spring shapes are pre-programmed in computer CPU for easy setup.
  • O.D. control is standard feature.
  • Touchscreen control interface for easy operation.
  • Complete cam-less operation insures fast and easy setup.
  • Programmable servo pretention control for high quality springs without scratching wire.
  • Optional torsion attachment is available with 3D torsion spring capability.
  • The Central Slide (i.e. the cutter, pitch slides and mandrel all together) will move to the correct position automatically according to the program while O.D. is changed during production, which provides setup convenience and strengthens cutter structure.
  • Programmable servo mandrel in-out control provides setup flexibility.
  • No manual adjustment required once toolings are set, achieve fast and efficient spring setup for both compression & torsion springs.
  • Easy right / left hand coiling conversion without change of mechanism.
  • Rotating cutoff and straight cutoff capability are both standard features for more flexible application. 



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Photo Model Wire Dia. Max. O.D. Production
ModelHTC16PX Wire Dia.0.4mm-1.6mm
(.016” - .063”)
Max. O.D.40mm
Production RateMax. 425 pcs/min Dimension (LxWxH)162x158x182cm
ModelHTC30PX Wire Dia.0.8mm-3.0mm
(.031” - .118”)
Max. O.D.60mm
Production RateMax. 300 pcs/min Dimension (LxWxH)210x125x205cm
* The specifications and features are subject to change without notice.