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5 Axes Spring Coiling Machine (CL series)


  • 5 servo motors, industrial computer controlled insures reliable control.
  • Graphic and easy to use software simplifies programming.
  • A micro pulse hand wheel is used for easy setup and programming.
  • Standard spring shapes are pre-programmed in computer CPU for easy setup.
  • O.D. control is standard feature.
  • Touchscreen control interface for easy operation.
  • Advanced coiling point system design insures easy right / left hand coiling conversion without coiling point slide replacement. (except HTC10CL, HTC16CL)
  • Cam-less operation provides quick and easy setup.
  • Rotating cutoff and straight cutoff capability are both standard features for more flexible application.
  • Mandrel in-out movement is programmable which provides setup flexibility. 



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Photo Model Wire Dia. Max. O.D. Production
ModelHTC10CL Wire Dia.0.2mm-1.0mm
(.008” - .039”)
Max. O.D.25mm
Production RateMAX. 999 pcs/min Dimension (LxWxH)130x75x165cm
ModelHTC16CL Wire Dia.0.4mm-1.6mm
(.016” - .063”)
Max. O.D.35mm
Production RateMAX. 425 pcs/min Dimension (LxWxH)140x90x175cm
ModelHTC45CL Wire Dia.1.8mm-4.6mm
(.070” - .181”)
Max. O.D.70mm
Production RateMAX. 250 pcs/min Dimension (LxWxH)190x160x190cm
ModelHTC60CLII Wire Dia.2.2mm-6.0mm
(.086” - .236”)
Max. O.D.100mm
Production RateMAX. 180 pcs/min Dimension (LxWxH)225x160x200cm
ModelHTC80CLII Wire Dia.3.0mm-8.0mm
(.118” - .315”)
Max. O.D.140mm
Production RateMAX. 150 pcs/min Dimension (LxWxH)245x190x230cm
* The specifications and features are subject to change without notice.