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17-18 Axes Spring Forming Center (HTC20XUIII)


  • 17-18 servo motors, computer control provides total cam-less operation.
  • The winder swinging is available on 1 slide to control the right / left position, thus the offset position of servo winder and tool holders is easily adjusted. The winder swinging provides further flexibility for making complicated shapes.
  • Quill In/Out movement insures easy setup for various radii and bending.
  • “Rotating Tool Holder” on main slide with body tool and bending tool provides multi-forming capability for most springs.
  • Minimal tooling is required, meaning lower tooling costs.
  • Optional Single radius and Multi-radii servo winders provide total forming flexibility, making all bending processes fast and efficiently.
  • Touchscreen control for easy operation.




Model Wire Dia. Max. O.D. Dimension
ModelHTC20XUIII Wire Dia.0.6mm-2.0mm
(.024” - .078”)
Max. O.D.40mm
Dimension (LxWxH)290x185x213cm
* The specifications and features are subject to change without notice.