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Electric Conveyor Furnace - Max. 500ºC (HCF series)


Features in General

  • Max. Temperature : 500oC (930oF).
  • Digital easy reading belt speed regulatory meter displays direct heat process time. (DSM is standard accessory for HCF360~HCF800-III)
  • Seamless rolled edge belt eliminates tangled part damage.
  • Easy opening cover insures part access & easy maintenance.
  • Digital error diagnosis & display insures easy troubleshooting. (DEM - Optional)
  • Uniform temperature distribution, factory test before shipment (3-6 points in empty furnace).
  • Optional CQI9-oriented configuration for automotive industry.
  • Optional AMS2750G-oriented configuration for aerospace industry.
  • Saving Energy Furnace SE type / SE5 type / AL type are available.

Feature In Safety

  • Recirculation motor and conveyor motor overload protection. (except HCF85, HCF110-II)
  • Over temperature protection. (OTP - Optional)
  • 3 color tower light display working status.
  • One week on/off timer provides production management convenience & safety. (except HCF85, HCF110-II)
  • Temperature over tolerance alarm.


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* The specifications and features are subject to change without notice.